Referral program

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Our referral program is clear and simple. You  can  invite friends directly from your account.

Send invite directly to your friend if you know his/her e-mail. Keep in mind that your nick and a real e-mail will be shown in the message which will be sent to invitee referral . Infinite Universe LLC is against spam, so the invitation can be sent only to those who are definitely interested in this. The violation of this police may lead to full blocking of the account.

Referral program terms*

Affiliate — the player who attracts new players in the project of the company Infinite Universe LLC using the referral program.
Referral — the player who was invited to the project of the company Infinite Universe LLC via the referral program.

The remuneration of an Affiliate — occurs through the payment of game resources in the form of 10% from the remuneration of a Referral for game «Missions».
The Affiliate gets up to 10% in the form of Imperials for each purchase made through game shop by each of its referrals.

The referral, who exploits the vulnerabilities in the licensed software code of the company Infinite Universe LLC to obtain Imperials and other game resources, will be blocked in accordance with the subsection A. Special restrictions in the action of the section 7. Behavior of the EULA. And all payments to the affiliate from this referral will be cancelled, even if the affiliate has used all resources from this blocked referral.

It is forbidden to create secondary accounts to indicate them as referrals or affiliates for getting referral bonus. For this violation – the permanent blocking of all linked accounts.

*Currently the referral program is in the open testing mode. Infinite Universe LLC reserves the right to make changes and additions to the referral program, which will be announced on he website