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User’s Manual

Infinite Universe Mobile version 9.4



1. Introduction

2. Installation and Starting the Game

3. Interface

3.1. Main screen

3.2. Bottom menu

4. Technologies and Research

5. Space station’s modules and their construction

6. Ships. Producing and using

7. Galaxy map

7.1. Movement of station

7.2. Mining resources by fleet

7.3. Attack on player / pirate

7.4. Types of weapons, armor of ships and station modules. Usage

8. Alliances

9. Rewards and TOP ratings

10. Shop

11. Game chat and Mailbox

11.1. Mailbox



1. Introduction



2. Installation and Starting the Game

To install Infinite Universe Mobile(IUM) on Windows  you  need to download  an instlaller.
You can download it here:

Once you downloaded the installer doubleclick it to start the installation. Confirm all requests in the installation window. As the installation directory use for example C:\Program Files\IUMobile. After you have installed the game run the Game.exe. Additionally you can create a shortcut at your desktop for quick access.

To install IUM on a mobile device go to device’s market:


3. Interface

After launch you see the main menu

Start — login to the game, if you already have an activated account. If  you still have no account the system will suggest you to register one. For registration it’s enough to specify the name of your account NickName and to specify a valid e-mail(optional item, but without e-mail you will be unable to restore your account when you will change devices or reinstall the game).

Account settings — menu item which allows restoring your account when you want to continue game in new device, want to use another game account in same device or reinstall the game. To restore a game account you first unlink the account game has stored from device. Then you give e-mail address for account you want to use, press Receive code and wait for mail from the game server with the restoration code. Write the received code to the code… field and press Restore account. Press the red arrow to return to the main menu and press Start. If you have problems getting existing game to start you can also try this action.

Credits – information about Infinite Universe Mobile developers here.

Quit – exit application (Only PC).


3.1. Main screen

Your space base is meeting you as soon as you register and enter the game. At the start you have a space station module and 4 mining modules. Your base is under activated Shield of peace for 3 days. It protects your base and your fleets based at the station from attacks.

You are provided 25 000 Dark Matter, 1 000 000 Silver, 250 000 Alloys, 250 000 Electonics, 250 000 Helium and 2 000 Imperials.

Speaker icon at the left of the top menu allows to turn the music on or off. Your choice is saved even after restart.

Chat icon is at the right of the top menu.

Mining modules have 2 state: active and idle which are shown above. Green gear – the mining is active, а red triangle

inactive. The modules mine resources when your station is located on a star. When the station is moving or not on a star the mining stops. When the stars resources are depleted the mining stops. The star regenerates resources 24 hour after ALL resources are over!

Minig is Active 

Minig is inactive

Shield of peace protects from all attacks by pirates or other players. When the Shield is active it prevents all attacks on your base and fleets parked at the base. Active Shield is shown as a translucent dome around the space station module.  You can buy the Shield  coupons in the Shop or get them as reward for destroying pirates.

Shield of peace is active

Shield of peace is inactive

The Empire also provides you with 190 coupons for ships and the Shield of peace. You can find coupons in the Shop accessed by pressing icon  at the left of the bottom menu: Shop  -> Coupon  -> choose category Ship  or Shield of peace.

3.2. Bottom menu

– the map of the universe. Browse the galaxies and watch space stations and fleets. Use Zoom for details. The map control is easy. For mobile: slide to move over the map and pinch and stretch to zoom. For PC: hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse to move over the mouse to move over the map and scroll the wheel to zoom.

– screen for fleet control. You can produce ships, create fleets and control the composition and position of the ships in the fleet. The Summary of the combat and technical characteristics of selected fleet is also shown here.

– summary of your space station. Currently this screen is being redesigned. Upon completion you will be able to see detailed information about your station and your commander status.

– on this screen you can construct new modules, see the list of your constructed modules and their level and upgrade modules.

– on the left side of this screen is the list of technology categories available for research. The right side of this screen shows the list of technologies in the selected category. By choosing a specific technology you can see the information about it and start its research.

– in this screen you can create a new alliance or join an existing one. If you are already a member of an alliance, information about your alliance is displayed here. Each type of alliances is unique: different bonuses and different political ideologies.  Different types of  alliances have different methods of joining. There are three ways: you can apply for membership; join immediately; and get in only by invitation. Currently, this screen is being redesigned.

– displays the Commander and Alliance ratings. Players and alliances receive coupons and Imperials while they are in the TOP of the ratings. Currently, this screen is being redesigned.

– in the shop you can buy coupons and discounted packages. Packages appear quite often and change with players level(the function of change is evolving).

– your private mailbox. You can receive messages and reports and communicate with other players here. Don’t forget to clean your read messages from mailbox using trash can, otherwise the mail function will slow down.

– reference information on various aspects of the game. Help is continuously evolving and improving.

4. Technologies and Research

Technologies are the cornerstone of Infinite Universe Mobile. It’s necessary to discover any module or ship and then to research a specific module or ship before they can be produced. Screen Tech is divided into two parts: the left part (Red frame) contains a category of technologies and the right most part (Green frame) is the main technology control screen. You can see a technology tree there.




Technologies connected by lines of two types: a Green line – a technology can be researched, a Red line – can’t be.  Also there is a level indicator. It may be «-» (a technology isn’t researches yet) or numeric (a current technology level («0» for example)..








Every technology requires amount of resources to further improve and with each level more and more. The column Required is amount of a resource required to improve the technology. The column Available is amount of a resource you have at the moment.You can check whether the conditions to research in the last column:



Green checkmark means the conditions done;


Button Buy appears when you don’t have sufficient resource.  When it is clicked, shop opens in the right category of resources where you can buy it. Also you can by a resource packages that is much cheaper;

Button Open appears when you have to raise a level of the related technology. The required technology screen opens after click


The period of time is required to research every technology in addition to resources. You can research olny one technology at moment. The research time can be speeded up by special coupons (you have they after the registration). You can buy boosters at the shop or get them as an additional bonus for the pirate elimination. You can instantly research a technology by clicking Instant research. This function requires Imperials expense in addition to resources.

5. Space station’s modules and their construction

The construction of space station’s module is as important as the researching of technologies.  Once you have researched the technology, you can start construct modules. Some modules can be constructed just once, they can’t be demolished, be relocated only. There are some modules which have two lateral connections, which allow connecting other modules to them.

You need to know a few nuances for a basic planning of your future space fortress.

The main module «Space station» has 4 lateral connections. It allows to construct 15 any modules at zero level It is required to increase the level of the Space station to increase the number of possible constructed modules. For each level you can construct 15 modules additionally . The number of modules of each type depend on the level of the Space station – the upgrade of the Space station adds 1 module to their possible maximum number. Except airlocks – each level of the Space station increases the maximum number by 5.

«Airlocks». There are three types of airlocks in the game.  Using these airlocks you construct a magistral to which you will connect common modules.

– tube with 2 lateral connections.

– «T» shape – 3 lateral connections.

– cross shape – 4 lateral connections.

Example of constructing of Airlock Cross. You need to click in the bottom menu Modules and button Construct module.

In the opened screen  Select module type select module Airlock Cross.

In the opened screen you are provided module’s detailed description.

In this screen there is information about requirements for construction of module, such as: Name— resource name; Available— available resource in your warehouse; Required— required amount of resource and required technology for construction; Detalied Information — by clicking this button you will be able to familiarize with detailed; Buy complited— selecting this type of construction, you will spend Imperials for 100% reduction in time of module’s constructing in addition of resources; Construct – this variant requires to spend time, exact time of  construction is indicated on button ; Go back  — this button cancels the choice of this module and returns you to screen of the modules choice.

Choose Construct and move to screen of your space station in construction mode. Buttons Construct module and Cancel are using to start or to cancel construstion. You can relocate a module in different places before a confirmation of construction. For this it is enough to click in a necessary place near an airlock or a module, which has a free lateral connection. Over the module there is a green circular arrow, which you can click to rotate the module. If the module which you want to construct is highlighted in green – you can construct here, red – you can’t. Perhaps you need to rotate the module to match lateral connections. After you have chosen the place and the module is highlighted in green you can click Construct module.

As a result the timer will appear over the module, which will indicates the remaining time for constructing.

You can speed up the construction time. For this you need to click on the module which is being constructing or upgrading. The opened screen will display the progress of the work and two buttons: Boost construction and Go back.

If you click Boost construction – the choice screen of boosters will open. Initially you are given a set of boosters. To use them you need to select needed booster and click the button Use coupon which is next to it. In this example, you will need to use 3 coupons for 1 minute or one coupon for 5 minute. Keep in mind that you can buy coupons for Imperials in the same screen by clicking Buy coupon next to selected coupon or you can get them as an additional bonus for the pirate elimination.

Relocating of constructed module is free and instantly.  For this you need to hold cursor on the selected module (for PC) or click on module with your finger for 1-2 minutes. You will be moved in relocating mode where will appear two buttons: Relocate module which is using to relocate module to selected place and Go back .  Relocating mode is working as well as Construction mode. If module is highlighted in green – it is ready for relocation to selected place. If module is highlighted in red – it isn’t allowed to relocate module to selected place. Perhaps you need to rotate module to match lateral connections. Once you have chosen right place and module is highlighted in green- you can click Relocate module.

6. Ships. Producing and using

The fleet control screen is divided into two parts: the left one show your  fleets in a drop-down box with an ability to select the specific fleet and a list of the specific fleet’s ships below. The base fleet is called the Station defence. It can’t be disbanded and launched. Every ship you produce or get from coupons gets there.

There are total combat and technical characteristics at the top of the screen right part:

– total number of ships in the selected fleet (pcs.)

– total amount of hit points (HP)

 – total amount of damage (DMG)

outdated characteristic, will be removed from the game in upcoming updates

– total mining capacity of the selected fleet (unit/hour)

– total helium consumption of the selected fleet (unit/hour)

– the actual number of created fleets and the maximum available number of  fleets in braces. The maximum available number of  fleets in the game – 5, excluding the “Station defense”.

– the actual number of ship’s slots and the maximum number of ship’s slot. The occupied number of slots depends on the ship’s type. (See detailed information about ships). For example, If the ship takes 5 slots in the fleet the fleet will be consist of 2500/5 = 500 ships of this type. The fleet capacity depends on its type and levels of technologies.

– the filling of the holds of all ships in the fleet and the maximum places in the holds of all fleet ships in braces.

«Unable to construct spaceships – Spaceshipyard module required» appears when you didn’t construct the «Spaceshipyard» module – the required module to construct ship. When you construct the «Spaceshipyard» module the «Construct spaceship» button appears.

«Construct spaceship» opens a screen for selecting a spaceship to construct.

«Change fleet tactics» opens a screen for changing an order of your spaceships in the fleet.

«Unable to disband defence fleet». The Station fleet can’t be disbanded and it’s not counted as a created fleet. If you select your created fleet the button «Disband fleet» or «Unable to disband fleet with spaceships» appears.

«Disband fleet» disbands the fleet. You can’t disband the fleet containing spaceships.

«Unable to disband fleet with spaceships». The name speaks for itself..

A spaceship constructing is an amusing activity. New technologies provide new types of spaceships, improved guns, various defences, increase the speed of a flight and HP’s raising.

So you get access to the «Select ship type» screen to select a type of spaceship to construct by pressing the «Construct spaceship» button. Now it is needed to select ship type,

After selecting the number of the spaceships to construct you’ll see required time. Next you should to click the «Construct» button to begin the construction. Also you can boost or instantly finish the construction.

As soon as the spaceships are constructed you can form a new fleet. You should to press the «Form new fleet» button on the «Ships» screen for this.

On this screen you can select a type of the new fleet and call it in the «Name» field. Each type of the fleet requires researching of the specific technology except the «Company» type which available without researching Only one General is required to form the Company. You have 5 Generals after the start and so you can form 5 fleets of the Company type. Each Company fleet can include 500 Scout MS spaceships because each of them take only one slot in the fleet. You can expand this value by researching the Huge fleet composition technology.

When the fleet is formed you can select the new fleet on the main Ships screen and move constructed spaceships from the Station defense to your new fleet by moving the green slider to the left or to the right. If you have the spaceships of different types you will be able to move them to full fill of all available slots in the fleet.


7. Galaxy map

Our fleet is formed and ready to launch. At first you need to open Galaxy map – click button Map.

In this screen you can see the whole map of the game world .  Use Zoom for details.  The map control is easy. For mobile: slide to move over the map and pinch and stretch to zoom.. For PC: hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse to move over the map and scroll the wheel to zoom.

In the right upper part you can find the search box – Searching object… Here you can enter a name of the desired object(station, star or player). After you enter the name map will move you to the desired object, so you will be able to see it in the center of the screen.

Overview— in this screen there are 3 control buttons, when it is possible to use them they become active. For this you need to select your station or one of your fleets.

Map is automatically centered on the selected object.

7.1. Movement of station

There are several reasons to move your station: you need to move closer to your friend, to change the location because of the frequent attacks by other players or  to move the station to a richer star for the resources mining.

For moving your station select it in Overview, find a richer star and select it by clicking on it on the map. In the opened screen Star info you will see the detailed information about this star.

Click Set as destination for Space Station  — the station will start the movement. After that the arrival time to the selected star will displays next to your station’s name. All fleets, which are orbiting the same star with your station, will automatically start the movement to the selected star.


7.2. Mining resources by fleet

As in case of the movement of the station, it is needed to select a desired fleet in Overview, then in the galaxy map it is needed to select a star from which you want to mine resources and in the opened screen click Set as destination for selected fleet  — the fleet will start moving to this star. As soon as the fleet arrives to the star, it will start to mine resources. When holds of all ships will be filled or the star will run out of resources, the fleet automatically will return to the station for unloading holds. If there are resources on the star, the fleet automatically will return to the star in order to continue the mining.

To view the fullness of holds click Ships, in the drop-down menu select the needed fleet and in the field Hold (marked with the red frame) you will see the information about resources and their quantities.

7.3. Attack on player / pirate

 PVPabbreviation of «Player vs Player».

 PVE – abbreviation of «Player vs Environment».

In the battle there can be maximally five fleets from attack. For example, one your fleet and four fleets of your friends from the alliance. Or you can attack with all of your fleets(maximally 5 fleets).
Also there can be maximally five fleets from defend. The exception is when defending the base: in this case 6th fleet of «Station defend» connects to the battle, as well as all military facilities.

In the vastness of the Universe there are many real players from different countries and each of them evolves and conducts military operations.  Many create their Alliances and with the joint efforts are engaged in own enrichment. And if you will be in the TOP of ratings, you will weekly receive bonuses in the form of Imperials. Players like to rob other players, because it’s so easy to win and get a lot of resources as a reward.  Advanced players are doing joint attacks or seizure of territory to get better bonuses and respect among players. Let’s consider the variants of the attack on the pirate fleet and the attack on the rival’s base.

You have already learned how to form the fleet и укомплектовывать его кораблями. and to equip it by ships. Now open Map and find a pirate.

Each type of pirate has own name and level:

Pirates in galaxy Milky Way . The pirates in this galaxy are not aggressive, so they don’t attack your fleets:
Revenge — 10 lvl
Black Vengeance — 8 lvl
Wicked Wench— 6 lvl
Jolly Roger  — 4 lvl
Royal Fortune  – 2 lvl

Pirates in galaxy Andromeda  are aggressive — they can attack your fleet with their several fleets and completely destroy it, except when your fleet is on the star with your station which has an active Shield of peace:
Panic Horror— 26 lvl
Galactic Bastards— 25 lvl
Angel’s tears— 22 lvl
Battle scorpion— 19 lvl
Ghost Killer— 16 lvl.
Cerberus -13 lvl

The level of technologies and the strength of pirate ships corresponds to the level of pirate development, Keep this in mind when planning the attack on the pirates. The level of development is indicated in the square brackets to the right of the pirate speed indicator.

Let’s find a pirate on the map and click on it.

In the opened screen you can see what ships are parts of the pirate fleet. Next to the each ship is indicated the value «0» — it means that the certain information about quantity of ships is unknown. Note: In the current time the espionage function is being finalized and will be available in upcoming updates.

Now you need to click button Attack fleet, and your fleet will start pursuit of the pirate fleet.

In the screen Overview next to the name of your fleet,you can see after what time your fleet will overtake the pirate. By clicking on the double arrow , you can speed up the movement of the selected fleet;by clicking button STOP  – stop your fleet; by clicking on the red arrow  – return your fleet to your station.

As soon as your fleet will reach the pirate and a battle will start, you will see a red flashing frame around the game screen. Also a button with the fleet’s name will begin to show you «Enter the battle» instead of the remaining time. Click this button twice to open the battle screen.

The duration of all battles is limited to 15 minutes. To win you need to destroy the whole fleet and all modules during this time. The ships start to fight in the automatic mode. In the upper right corner lights up the button — Autofight,  which enables and disables the automatic mode if you click it. Note: if you will select a ship or the whole fleet and you will specify (using tap(click)) a place, where it should to move or a ship, which it should to attack, Autofight will automatically disable. Exception: if an enemy ship is in the effective radius of guns of your ship – autofight doesn’t disable and your ship starts automatically attack the selected enemy.

In the upper left corner there is a button All fleets and above this button  — your active fleets in this battle. If you click on the button with the name of the specific fleet, you select all ships of this fleet. If there will be five of your fleets in the battle, then clicking on the button  All fleets will immediately select all your fleets.

In the right upper corner below Autofight  are situated the buttons of ship’s guns. They turn on the display of the range of the guns in the form of a red circle. This information is needed to understand which ship and at what distance from the enemy ship should be placed in the battle. These circles display the maximum possible distance of attack, not optimal. In the automatically mode the optimal distance is selected according to the primary gun. In the manual mode you need to move your ships by yourself. For example, the optimal distance of the Laser Gun «LS» for maximal damage coincides with the maximal effective distance (the enemy must be located closer to the far boundary of the red circle) , and for the Heavy Gun «GN» — on the contrary (the enemy must be located as close as possible to your ship). Note: the information about the  types and range of guns can be found here.

As shown in the image below, the outcome of the battle was in favor of the pirate – we didn’t calculate the strength, the pirate was stronger and won.  In the result screen of the battle you can see losses on both sides, the number of obtained resources and bonuses (in our case we haven’t get anything due to our defeat).

It’s very simple to solve this problem: it’s enough to attack the pirate with more fleets. In the video clip we formed 4 fleets of the type Company and added 500 Scouts of each types(Scout LS, Scout BL, Scout MS, Scout GN) to the each fleet. In this way we got the strength to attack the pirate equal to 2000 ships of the type Scout. Look at the video example of the attack on the pirate by the compound of 4 fleets.

Further we will demonstrate the video clip about the attack by 4 fleets on the player’s station.

To defeat the station you need to destroy all constructions (including defensive shields and guns, except airlocks) during the allotted time. The destroyed base is restored on one pf the stars of the galaxy, and all the modules of the station will be restored too, except defensive modules (shields and guns). If you was unable to win at the first time, you don’t get the reward in the form of resources and prize coupons. You can attack the station as long as it takes. When you defeat the station, you will get 10% of all available resources on this station.
ADDITION: in upcoming updates we will remove the complete destruction of the defensive modules of station. These modules will be damaged and thr owner of the station will need to repair them.

7.4. Types of weapons, armor of ships and station modules. Usage.

The shield modules have a radius of action (displays as a green circle), all construction under this radius become invulnerable to attack( two modules horizontally and vertically  and one module on the bias) . The module itself has no such defense from itself or from other defensive modules. So we recommend to design the base in a such way, that the defensive modules will be able to protect the maximum number of standard modules, including guns!

The scheme shows a possible example of constructing of the shield modules, sequence numbers reflect the order in which the shields were constructed. From this depends which modules of the station they protect. As we see, №1, №3 and №4 shield modules protect for 12 modules each one, №2 protects 10 modules and №5 protects only 9modules. Let’s suppose that the shield module №1 was destroyed, then the shield module №2 will automatically start to protect 2 additional modules, which border along the radius, but earlier were under the protection of the shield module №1, and so on.

Station weapon modules.

Each weapon has its own range. Initially the weapon module attacks such ship, which it can damage maximally. Thus we recommend to design the station’s defensive architecture in a such way, that the weapon modules will be able to hold out for the maximum time and to damage the attacking fleet maximally.
LS — Laser armament
BL — Blaster armament
GN — Gun armament
MS — Missile armament

System of damage effectiveness at a distance
This system acts on ship’s weapon and on station’s weapon modules.
Thus it is highly desirable for the ship with Laser gun to keep from the target at the maximum distance, for the ship with Blaster gun to keep at the middle of its range, for the ship with Heavy gun to keep closer to the target as possible, and for the ship with Missile launcher the distance isn’t important because it damages maximally at any distance.
For ships with additional weapons (second and third weapons) the tactics should be changed depending on the situation


The maximum range of ship’s weapon and station’s weapon module is indicated by a red ring.
LS — Laser armament
BL — Blaster armament
GN — Gun armament
MS — Missile armament
MIN – minimum distance
AVG – average distance
MAX – maximum distance

Damage and damage resistance
This table displays % of damage to both the resistance (shield) of ships and to the shield modules.
Vertically — type of damage, horizontally — type of resistance (shield).
For example, the ship with LS attacking the ship with ES protection will damage it only for 5% of its power, but if the ship with LS will attack the ship with AMS protection it will damage for 50% maximally.
LS — Laser armament
BL — Blaster armament
GN — Gun armament
MS — Missile armament
ES – Energy shield
HA – Heavy armor
AMS – Anti-missile system
TH – Thermal shield

Attack angle.
Also there is a dependence on the attack angle to the ships.
Firstly this function is implemented in order to be able to build battle tactics, and not to rely on the number of ships and their level.
For example, in the joint attack the leader can use different strategies by giving orders to his allies to attack the enemy from different distances and directions.

The scheme shows angles and damage coefficients. From the scheme it is visible that the attack from the rear will increase the inflicted damage by 1.5 times.

8. Alliances

The Alliances are an social component of the Infinity Universe Mobile World.

When you open this screen first time you’ll see a request to join an existing alliance. You should to research the “Alliances” technology and construct the “Embassy” module to perform that.

To create your own alliance you should to research the “Alliance” technology to the level 5 and construct the “Congress” module.

After researching the “Alliance” technology and constructing the “Embassy” module you’ll see the list of available alliances with or without requesting to join. Keep in mind, there are types of alliances you can join only by inviting from an alliance member or the head of the alliance (you can write him to the private).

After pressing this button near the selected alliance in the list of Available alliances You can see useful information about it in the Statistics field.

Bonuses is information about bonuses granted by this alliance for its members.

The request to join (Send application) or to leave the alliance costs 20 Imperials.

Create alliance is a paid feature and costs from 10 to 500 Imperials according to the alliance type.

Members of the alliance can send resources to each other to help.

-You can see information about a specific player by pressing this button in front of the player name.

 – You can send resources by pressing this button. You should to construct a Trade center to send resourcesA Level «0» of the trade center allows to send 100 000 resources.. Each researched level of the Trade center increases this amount on 10 000.

You can send different resources at one time. Select the resource and define required quantity for this purpose until the sending limit reached. Press Send when the selection is finishedKeep in mind, you can send only one cargo for only one person at one time and the shipment takes time. The shipment can be boosted by the sender or the recipient by using booster coupons.

When you send the cargo, an special icon appears on the main screen. You can see information about the shipment by pressing it. The farther from you the recipient the longer the cargo will be delivered.

– you sent the cargo. Click this button to see the detailed information.

– the cargo was sent to you. Click this button to see the detailed information.


9. Rewards and TOP ratings

The TOP ratings system gives rewards to  players and members of an alliance. This system will be completely redone in upcoming updates.


10. Shop

You can buy single coupons in any quantity. They are available at any time. The single coupons can be obtained for an elimination of pirates.

Coupon— You can buy various coupons here. All the coupons are divided into categories.

Different packages consist of various coupons with big discounts. The packages are limited to buying. The available quantity is shown on the each package – Purchases available. The available quantity is updated once in every 30 days. The each package is available for purchase for certain time. Event will start after  — indicates the time after which the package will be available for purchase and Event time (Время акции)  – indicates the time remaining to buy. The discount decreases with every purchase!

Resourse packages

Booster packages

Ship packages

Mega packages


11. Game chat and Mailbox

The game chat is a means of communication between players. There is a Public channel in the game. All online players automatically join this channel. An alliance channel is automatically created for members of the alliance. Only the members of the alliance have access to it.


11.1. Mailbox

The each player receives various system notifications and messages from players.