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New battle system

Now each player can attack all their fleets for one goal or can ask for help from friends, brothers in the alliance! We also introduced a number of new functions
And so, let’s start in order:

1.     Now the battle time is limited to 15 minutes.

During this time, the attacker has to win, if an attacker could not win in that time is a draw because attacking and defending did not destroy the enemy fleet completely.

2.      In the battle from the attacker can be a maximum of 5 fleets.

For example: one your and four friends from the alliance. Or you can attack all of your fleets (maximum of 5 fleets). From the defence side, the maximum number of fleets is the same. 5. An exception when the base is defended, in this case the 6th Fleet “Station Protection” is connected + all the station’s military structures.

3.     Attack on the base.

Now it is necessary to destroy all facilities of the base, including defensive shields and guns. The gateways are not considered. The destroyed base in the rand is recovered on one of the stars of the galaxy, while all the modules of the station are restored at the time of their destruction, except for the defence and attack modules (shields and weapons).

Appendix: in the near future we will remove the complete destruction of the defence and cannon base modules, these Modules in the destruction will be damaged and the owner of the database will need to fix them only

4.     Module shields of the station
Now the shield modules have a range (it’s displayed in green circle), all the structures that fall under this radius become invulnerable when attacking (horizontally and vertically it’s 2 modules by a scythe is 1 module). The protection module itself does not have such protection, not from itself other protection modules. Thus, we recommend creating such database architecture so that the security modules cover the maximum number of modules including cannons!
The diagram shows a possible example of building up the shield modules; sequence numbers show the order in which the shields were built. On this depends what modules of the space station they are protecting. As we see, the # 1, # 3 and # 4 shield module protects 12 modules each, # 2 protects 10 modules and # 5 protects only 9 modules. Suppose that the module of the shield # 1 has been destroyed, then the module of the switchboard # 2 will automatically protect 2 additional modules that are bordered along the radius, were protected under the shield module # 1 and so on.

5.      Station gun modules.

Each gun has its own range. Initially, the cannon attacks on those ships, over which the cannon can inflict maximum damage and so on. Thus, we recommend creating database defence architecture so that the cannon modules can survive for a maximum time and can inflict maximum damage to the attacking fleet.
LS – Laser installation
BL – Blaster installation
GN – Automatic cannon
MS – Rocket installation

6.     The system of the effectiveness of damage by distance.

This system acts on the guns of the ships and on the guns of the station modules. Thus, it is highly desirable for a ship with a laser to keep from the target at the maximum distance, a ship with a blaster at a distance of the middle of its radius, a ship with a gun as close to the target as possible, But the ships equipped with rocket launchers, the distance is not important, they are damages at any distance with the maximum damage. Corps with additional guns i.e. 2 or 3 guns should be changed tactics depending on the situation

The maximum distance of the ship cannons and guns station module displays a red ring
LS – Laser installation
BL – Blaster installation
GN – Automatic cannon
MS – Rocket installation
MIN – The minimum distance
AVG – Average distance
MAX – Maximum distance

7.      Damage and Damage Resistance

This table shows % of damage caused by resistance (shields)
Vertically – the type of damage, horizontally – the type of resistance (shields) For example, a ship with a laser LS, shooting on a ship with ES protection will cause damage only 5% of its power but On a ship with anti-missile defence AMS will cause maximum damage of 50% The decoding is as follows:
LS – Laser installation
BL – Blaster installation
GN – Automatic cannon
MS – Rocket installation
ES – Electromagnetic shield
HA – Heavy Armour
AMS – Anti-missile system
TH – Thermal shield

8.     The angle of attack.

Now there is dependence on the angle of attack. First of all, this function is implemented in order to be able to build a tactic, and not just rely on the number of ships and their level. For example, in joint attacks, the leader of a group can use different Strategy for conducting combat giving orders to their allies. The diagram shows the angles and damage factors.

9.     Ship rebalances.

We made a complete rebalance of all the ships. The rebalance affected only combat characteristics, the cost and time of construction of the ships remained unchanged