Global updating 9.6 is already available! Be updated!

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Greeting you on behalf of the Empire VIGTERRARUS! Lord Zahadum in touch with you!
Today I will tell you about all changings in patch 9.6!
Just to remind you, you can download client for PC, Android and iOS here:
Web version of the project IUM is here:

– If your station is attacked, the whole your screen will be obscured and the button «Enter battle» will appear in the center”
– Now you can see who is online in the member list of your alliance
– Added error popup
– Added settings. The button (Gear) is in the left upper part of the screen. You can configure audio, video and game settings in the settings screen. Currently notification settings are being redesigned. Also you can find here the button «Ask a question about the game»
– Now you can specify which module of space station is needed to be destroyed first
– Added text status «mines», it appears when fleet is mining resources at the star
– Added graphical display of the galaxy boundary of the both galaxies. Green zone means that galaxy is safe and pirates don’t attack players. The player can’t attack player who is lower more than 5 levels here
Red zone – pirates attack players with similar or upper level. Also pirates attack and plunder player’s stations and! Players can attack everyone without restrictions on the level here. Be careful!
– Added a new type of shield – Shield of pirates. This shields gives the full protect from pirates. They don’t attack stations and even fleets. If you have active Shield of pirates and you decided to attack a pirate, after your attack Shield will be deactivated!
– We corrected the status bar of HP in the battle screen. Now status bar is divided in two parts and timer is placed between these parts. Green bar displays HP of your fleets, red bar displays HP of opponent fleets.
– Added pop-up damage in the battle
– Added the sorting in the TOP ratings.
– Added displaying of the number of available coupons in the shop
– Added 2 new ships: Mining Barge (has a large mining power) and Transport Barge (has large holds)
– For all warships reduced the mining power, also reduced the hold by 10 times.
– Now each new player has the set of researched technologies, which allows to start from the first minute

Fixed bugs:
– Ships under construction no longer participate in the defense of the station
– Fixed memory leak in the battle with station(bug caused memory overflow)
– Fixed combat switching during the attack on the station
– Fixed the color of typing text (was white)


Changelog of game mechanic and balance:
– Divided damage bonus of ships. Earlier it was a single bonus on all types of weapon. Now it is separated.
– Hided the bonus information of other players
– Pirates started to come to the aid of pirates of similar levels, except when player level is upper than pirate level.

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