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Update 9.1

If you are unable to access the game during the update and red triangle is displayed in the top right corner, open the settings tab, unlink your device and restore your account using the verification code sent to the email you provided during registration. To do so, you need to enter that e-mail in the designated box and press "Restore account" button. In case you encounter any problems with your account restoration, contact us through, and we will help you as fast as possible!

As of our recent tradition, we are publishing a global update again. This time it is Huge, as now a new "Andromeda" galaxy is available for the users to explore! After all, all those astronomers did not work for nothing!
It has been confirmed that this new galaxy already has inhabitants. Different pirate organizations have already swarmed the space. Since the new galaxy has enormous amounts of resources and especially silver, what used to be a single pirate body divided into various gangs and started to evolve.

It is known that there are 11 different pirate gangs in the new galaxy and those gangs are all listed below. Those pirates are aggressive and attack any fleet. What is more, they may also support other pirate fleets in battle. Currently, the only way to protect your fleets is to use a "peace shield" and park your fleets on your station, so that the shield covers them too.

Pirates of the Andromeda galaxy, aggressive!

  1. Panic Horror – Lvl 26.
  2. Galactic Bastards – Lvl 25.
  3. Angels Tears – Lvl 22.
  4. Battle Scorpions – Lvl 19.
  5. Ghost Killers – Lvl 16.

Cerberus – Lvl 13.

Pirates of the Milky Way galaxy, peaceful!

  1. Revenge – Lvl 10.
  2. Black Vengeance – Lvl 8.
  3. Wicked Wench – Lvl 6.
  4. Jolly Roger – Lvl 4.

Royal Fortune – Lvl 2.
- We added level indicators to all your station modules! We hope this would be helpful for your station leveling!
- We made a new function to remember whether you like your music on or off!
- We optimized the game again, decreasing memory usage threefold!
Users of mobile devices with 512mb of operational memory should now be able to play comfortably!

- We fixed the error with weapon radius. Now all ship's cannons and station defense turrets have the correct attack radius!
- We have currently disabled the vision of neutral fleets' movement direction. Now you are only able to see the presence of movement, but not the target location.
- We added a red arrow marker that indicates a player fleet that is attacking your fleets or station, enabling you to act to save your fleets or mount a counterattack.
- We enabled the display of ships' speed so that you can find out whether you can catch up with your target or not.
- We improved the combat controls and added control buttons at the edges of the interface. Now you can quickly select a single fleet, some of the fleets or all of your fleets simultaneously.
- We added buttons to toggle the primary and secondary weapon range of your ships, which would enable you to choose the necessary distance for maximizing the damage depending on your weapon configuration.
- We added buttons to switch between active battles to allow faster reaction and easier migration between battles.
- We disabled the buttons, redundant during battle, at the bottom of the screen, leaving only Maps and Ships behind
- We bonus loot modifier for destroyed pirates, based on the level of the pirate (each level gives extra 2%). For example:
The standard bonus loot modifier is between 110% and 130%. With the new 2% per pirate level additional bonus, if you destroy a level 26 pirate you get extra 54%, which makes the overall bonus loot modifier to be between 164% and 184% of the cost of ships of the LVL 26 pirate.
- We enabled station module movement! Now you can hold Tab or click and hold your mouse on the module for 1-2 seconds to toggle the module movement mode. This mode displays the attack range for your turrets, as well as the defense range of your shield modules.
- We added a 70% resource recovery for any demolished module or ship
- We fixed a bug with station continuing to shoot the attacker although all buildings and turrets were destroyed
If your station is attacked, you are unable to build, upgrade or move modules
- We improved the display of selected ships during battles, increased the brightness of cannon attack radius and game font
- We added a new bonus for "Genetics" technologies of the Battle Technologies tree; this technology now increases the number of Generals!

Now it is impossible to demolish the unique modules. You can still move them around though!