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Welcome to the Infinite Universe Mobile

Take part in space battles and conquer the Galaxy! Declare your rights to space territories, take control over new star systems destroying enemy stations and fleets! Build and upgrade your Space Station and ships and improve theirs combat power!

ictory over a pirate

Moment of battle

The attack on the enemy target

Making the tactics of ships in the fleet

Space station in the work


Control fleet tactics — plan disposition of your ships before and during battles. Destroy your enemies and ravage their warehouses!
Alliances — create or join an alliance. Conquer territory with your friend over the world! Expand your territories and build your own Empire
PVP battles — attack your enemies in real time and grab some loot. Co-operate with your friends againts mutual enemies
Play everywhere — one account across several devices and platforms: mobiles, tablets and PC with Windows 10 installed
Game is constantly improved and new features added every week!

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